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Monero Technical Analysis

What is Monero

Monero was launched in 2014, and its goal is simple: to allow transactions to take place privately and with anonymity. Even though it’s commonly thought that BTC can conceal a person’s identity, it’s often easy to trace payments back to their original source because blockchains are transparent.

On the other hand, XMR is designed to obscure senders and recipients alike through the use of advanced cryptography.

Privacy and security are their biggest priorities, with ease of use and efficiency coming second. It aims to provide protection to all users irrespective of how technologically competent they are. XMR aims to allow payments to be made quickly and inexpensively without fear of censorship.

How to buy Sell Monero in India

To buy and sell Monero, you need to have a Monero wallet and an exchange account.
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