Porinju Veliyath Portfolio

Porinju Veliyath Portfolio

Porinju Veliyath is one of the best investors in the Indian stock market. Porinju Veliyath Portfolio is tracked by many investors. He was born in a middle-class family, and it is near to Kochi. Porinju Veliyath has faced various difficulties in his early life. At the age of 16, he sold his house to repay the debts due to financial crises. He started doing the job at the young age in order to support his family. 

Porinju Veliyath completed his degree in Ernakulam law college. After his studies, he showed interest in the stock market. He realized that he could create better profits in the stock market. To start his investment career, Porinju Veliyath moved to Mumbai in 1990. 

He joined as a clerk in Kotak securities and has developed all the trading skills.  In 1994 he joined Parag Parikh securities as a fund manager and searched analyst.

Porinju Veliyath created his own way in the investing platform. He established his fund management firm Equity Intelligence. Many investors think Porinju Veliyath is their investment guru.

Recently economic times named him as a “small-cap czar”. In the year 2017, Whatever the stocks held by Porinju Veliyath is considered as a goldmine and various investors started buying the stocks he purchased.


Porinju Veliyath Portfolio

Stock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)
Somany Home Innovation LtdEQ INDIA FUND2841,548,0002.10%0.60%44.0 Cr
Agro Tech Foods LtdEQ INDIA FUND990258,0001.10%0.00%25.6 Cr
RPSG Ventures LtdEq India Fund401.65460,0001.70%0.00%18.5 Cr
Orient Bell LtdEQUITY INTELLIGENCE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED245559,5123.90%-0.40%13.8 Cr
Gati LtdEq India Fund108.351,250,0001.00%0.00%13.7 Cr
Zee Media Corporation LtdEquity Intelligence India Private Limited, Eq…8.1712,195,0002.60%1.10%9.9 Cr
BCL Industries LtdEQ INDIA FUND, Eq India Fund, Porinju V Veliyath,…147.05390,2221.60%-0.10%5.7 Cr
Kaya LtdEq India Fund, Equity Intelligence India Private…268.4190,0001.50%0.00%5.1 Cr
Som Distilleries & Breweries LtdEQ INDIA FUND35.251,400,0002.20%0%4.7 Cr
Emkay Global Financial Services LtdPorinju V Veliyath70343,5001.40%0%2.4 Cr
Praxis Home Retail LtdEquity Intelligence India Private Limited38.05500,0001.70%-0.20%1.9 Cr
Ashok Alco-Chem LtdShilpa Porinju Veliyath, Porinju Veliyath96.25174,0003.80%1.60%1.7 Cr
Archies LtdEquity Intelligence India Private Limited12.111,100,0003.30%0%1.3 Cr
Danlaw Technologies India LtdPORINJU VELIYATH314.9542,5001.20%NEW1.3 Cr
Duroply lndustries LtdPORINJU V VELIYATH49200,0003.10%0%98 L
Ansal Buildwell LtdEQUITY INTELLIGENCE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Equity…42150,0002.00%0%63 L
Panyam Cements & Mineral Industries LtdPORINJU V VELIYATH200,0001.20%0%15.1 L
Ion Exchange (India) LtdEQ India Fund1442.75
Leel Electricals LtdEQ India Fund & PMS clients of Equity Intelligence…
HPL Electric & Power LtdEQ INDIA FUND51
Raunaq EPC International LtdPorinju V Veliyath19.2
Shalimar Paints LtdEq India Fund, Equity Intelligence India Private…85.3less than 1%
Digicontent LtdPORINJU VELIYATH7.57less than 1%
Palash Securities LtdPorinju V Veliyath, PORINJU V VELIYATH62
Spencer’s Retail LtdEq India Fund71.3

Porinju Veliath Net worth

As per the latest shareholdings filed by respective companies, Porinju Veliath net worth comes to be around 160 crore rupees. However he may hold stake in many companies which are private , or he holds less than 1% . So above networth estimate from Porinju Veliath Portfolio is just an approximation


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What is Porinju Veliyath’s net worth?

As per the recent shareholding registered, Porinju Veliyath is publicly holding 19 stocks with a net worth of Rs. 135.4 Cr.

What is the best Porinju Veliyath quote?

One only needs common sense to make money in the stock market – Porinju Veliyath

Where is Porinju Veliyath’s farmhouse?

Porinju Veliyath’s farmhouse is at sleepy Potta, which is near to Thrissur.