Options Trading Course – Learn Options Trading

Investobull brings a detailed course on learn Options Trading which helps you to become an absolute rockstart trader in Options Trading. This course is designed from very basics to advanced level , teaching Options trading in Step by Step Manner with detailed examples and live trade examples.

Course contents

Introduction to Futures and  Options 
What is Call Option
What is Put Option
Options vs Futures – which to use when 
Option details – Intrinsic Value , Time Value
Understanding Volatility – Historical and Implied
Options Pricing   – The black scholes model
Options Payoff charts 
Hedging with Options
Options Greeks 
The concept of Theta – why time decay is important 
Basic Technical Analysis – Concept of Support and Resistance
Basic Technical Analysis – Chart patterns 
Options – When to buy and when to sell 
Options as portfolio Hedge 
Option Strategies
Bull call spread
Bear put Spread
Covered call
Cash secured Put
Iron condors
Ratio Spread
Ratio Backspread
Iron Fly 
Weekly Expiry Strategies
Calendar Spreads
Delta neutral Strategies
Option Trading Course Syllabus

Course Details

  • Course is available in Hindi language as of now.
  • Course contains 15 recorded classes
  • You also get access to Query classes
  • Course validity is one Year

Course Fees

Course fees is 6000 rs

How to register

You need to enroll for the course by making payment using below link.

Once your payment is confirmed, login credentials will be mailed to you within 24 hours along with instructions on how to access the course