Ashish Kacholia Portfolio – 2021

Ashish Kacholia

Ashish Kacholia is one of the best investors in the Indian stock market, but only a few of them know him. He is an Indian investor who is interested in small and medium-scale businesses. 

Ashish Kacholia is not a well-known investor to everyone, but he is among India’s top 50 investors. He is totally a private person, so he just does his job and won’t bother to become famous. He started his investment career with a company called Prime Securities. 

In 2003, he began his own equity broking company(Lucky Securities). He created his own portfolio and started earning Profits.  He had various multi-bagger earnings from the stocks he selected from the market, and he selected many of the stocks from the small and medium scale industry. 

Ashish Kacholia mainly focused on the fundamentals of the company. He will start selling the stocks immediately when the company fundamentals are weakening. The biggest investment of Ashish Kacholia is in Birlasoft. It has generated good profits for him recently. Some of the well-known investment by Ashish Kacholia are Apollo pipes, Appollo tricoat, Vaibhav Global which has created him good returns in the recent past.

Ashish Kacholia holds stocks worth Rs. 500 crore and more in the stock market. According to the recent shareholding update. He is holding 22 stocks publicly with a net worth of Rs. 1655.3 Cr.


Here is the list of Ashish Kacholia Portfolio

Stock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)
Mastek Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA2498717,0542.80%0%179.1 Cr
Vaibhav Global Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA784.052,250,0001.40%-0.10%176.4 Cr
Poly Medicure Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA964.451,600,0001.70%-0.10%154.3 Cr
Birlasoft Ltd.Ashish Kacholia402.353,250,0001.20%-0.60%130.8 Cr
Apollo TriCoat Tubes Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA1670.5715,0002.40%0%119.4 Cr
Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd.Ashish Kacholia, ASHISH KACHOLIA1800599,6967.20%0%107.9 Cr
NIIT Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA323.853,000,0002.30%-0.30%97.2 Cr
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd.Ashish Kacholia893.95880,2791.20%0%78.7 Cr
Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd.Ashish Kacholia1143.7600,5212.60%0.60%68.7 Cr
Acrysil Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA676.41,000,0003.80%0%67.6 Cr
Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.Ashish Kacholia256.252,502,4951.50%0%64.1 Cr
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA643.35966,0001.70%0.40%62.1 Cr
Apollo Pipes Ltd.Ashish Kacholia1324.9468,9693.60%0%62.1 Cr
HLE Glasscoat Ltd.Ashish Kacholia3288.9186,7811.40%0.00%61.4 Cr
Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA517.95947,4973.30%0.00%49.1 Cr
DFM Foods Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA339.81,425,7312.80%0%48.4 Cr
Safari Industries (India) Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA729.1601,6442.70%0.00%43.9 Cr
Vishnu Chemicals Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA609.4588,7934.90%0%35.9 Cr
ADF Foods Ltd.Ashish Kacholia856.15227,6051.10%0%19.5 Cr
Beta Drugs Ltd.Ashish Kacholia360473,6004.90%0.30%17.0 Cr
Ador Welding Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA722.4153,4021.10%NEW11.1 Cr
CHD Developers Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA0.686,361,16643.3 L
KPIT Technologies Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA310.1
Paushak Ltd.Ashish Kacholia9195Below 1%
Neuland Laboratories Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA1696.3
V2 Retail Ltd.Ashish Kacholia118.1
GHCL Ltd.Ashish Kacholia380.75
Marksans Pharma Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA83.75Below 1%
Majesco Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA89.25
IFB Industries Ltd.Ashish Kacholia989.55
MIRC Electronics Ltd.Ashish Kacholia20.2
Religare Enterprises Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA, Ashish Kacholia155.65Below 1%
GTPL Hathway Ltd.Ashish Kacholia202.1
Astec Lifesciences Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA1344.9
Marshall Machines Ltd.ASHISH KACHOLIA40.15

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What is the Ashish Kacholia net worth?

According to the recent shareholding registered, Ashish Kacholia is publicly holding 22 stocks with a net worth of Rs. 1,567.7 Cr.

What is the biggest holding of Ashish Kacholia?

The biggest holding of Ashish Kacholis is Birlasoft.

What If I Terminate From The Portfolio Management Service Before One Year?

You can terminate from Portfolio Management Service at any time, but few charges will be applicable.

What should your investment portfolio contain?

The investment portfolio contains assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, etc. 

What is the name of Ashish Kacholia Firm?

Lucky Investment Manahers Pvt Ltd

What is Ashish Kacholia buying?

Ashish Kacholia is well known for selecting the best midcaps and small caps in the domestic equity market.