Vijay Kedia Portfolio – latest April 2020

Vijay Kedia portfolio

Vijay kedia is an ace investor in India stock market. Lets take a look at his current Vijay kedia portfolio where he holds more than 1% holding as disclosed on BSE .His investing style follows what he calls as SMILE principle. To understand his investing style, see How Vijay kedia selects multibagger stocks .

Stock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentChange from Previous QtrHolding Value (Rs.)
Repro India Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia & Kedia Securities Private Limited389.99014910.0746035.1 Cr
Vaibhav Global Ltd.Vijay Kedia913.657000000.0217064.0 Cr
Neuland Laboratories Ltd.Kedia Securities Private Limited395.32500000.019509.9 Cr
Cheviot Company Ltd.Mr. Vijay Kishanlal Kedia604.051007400.015606.1 Cr
Atul Auto Ltd.Kedia Securities Private Limited162.22534510.011604.1 Cr
Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia53.110100000.010105.4 Cr
Heritage Foods Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia289.55Below 1% First Time
Astec Lifesciences Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia413.55200000Filing Awaited8.3 Cr
(1.02% in Dec 2019)
Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia2229.55140000Filing Awaited31.2 Cr
(1.08% in Dec 2019)
Everest Industries Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia168.55950000Filing Awaited16.0 Cr
(6.07% in Dec 2019)
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia409.91936739Filing Awaited79.4 Cr
(2.80% in Dec 2019)
Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia12693004Filing Awaited1.2 Cr
(1.24% in Dec 2019)
Yash Pakka Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia30.85520806Filing Awaited1.6 Cr
(1.48% in Dec 2019)
Lykis Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia16.36663818Filing Awaited10.9 Cr
(34.40% in Dec 2019)
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd.Vijay Kishanlal Kedia18.752010632Filing Awaited3.8 Cr
(10.66% in Dec 2019)

Vijay Kedia Investment Style

Vijay Kedia has an investment approach that he calls SMILE. He usually invests in small cap companies and holds for many years to come.

You can read avout Vijay Kedia Investment style here

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